Service Update 21 December 2022

22nd December 2022

Service update 21 December 2022

In the last couple of weeks we have been experiencing extremely high call volumes and repair reports.  In the main, this has been down to the extended period of cold weather.

We have had more calls and repair reports than we have experienced since the last extended cold spell in 2010.  We actually ran out of phone lines at one-point last week – and that has never happened before!

Our staff and contractors have been working flat out to try and sort things for everybody before Christmas.  Thank you to all our tenants who have been supportive and patient whilst we work through all the reports.

To make sure we can focus on the most urgent matters, we are currently only dealing with emergency or very urgent repairs – please save reporting non-urgent repairs until January.

If you are due to go away for a few days over the festive period or through the winter, please make sure that you leave your heating on low to help prevent freezing and bursts if we get another cold snap or turn your water off at the stop tap and leave your bath taps open.  This will help prevent damage from bursts.

We understand concerns about energy costs, but it’s important to prevent your home from freezing – even when you’re not there.  If you are worried about paying bills, please contact our customer advisors or housing team who can help make sure you’ve got the support you are entitled to.

A small number of tenants have been abusive – shouting and swearing at our staff.  We understand that losing heating or water because of frozen or burst supplies is frustrating, but please don’t be abusive to staff or contractors – they are working really hard, in very trying circumstances to make sure all emergency and urgent repairs are sorted as quickly as possible.

Please see our separate post for opening hours over the festive period.


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