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This section will help you to understand everything you need to know about renting a home from Eden Housing Association.

Eden Housing Association allocates its properties using Cumbria Choice. Cumbria Choice is a sub regional scheme for letting social rented property throughout Cumbria. It is a partnership between the 6 Local Districts and 8 Social Housing Providers. It is managed through a web based computer system.

To be part of the scheme customers need to apply to the Common Housing Register. There is only one application form to complete and customers will be placed on the register if they meet the eligibility criteria. Priority for housing is awarded through a “banding system” that places customers in one of five Bands according to their housing needs.

Landlords advertise their properties on a weekly basis and customers are able to exercise choice by registering an interest in the property. Although the Cumbria Choice scheme does not increase the numbers of homes available, the scheme provides a more transparent and accountable way of letting homes, and more importantly gives people more choice about where they would prefer to live

If you would like to rent a home from Eden Housing Association, please click on the Choice Based Lettings link to your right.

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