What is Choice Based Lettings?

Housing Associations and councils are changing the way they let property

The way social housing is allocated across Cumbria changed at the end of 2010.
The 6 District Authorities and 8 Housing Organisations worked together to develop a new way of letting their properties which gives more choice to local people needing social rented housing. The 8 housing organisations are; Accent Housing; Derwent & Solway; Eden Housing; Home; Riverside; Two Castles, South Lakes Arms Length Management Organisation.

So what is Choice Based Lettings?

Previously the customer had to register with each housing organisation and then wait to be made an offer. Under choice based lettings customers only need to complete one application form. Landlords advertise their properties through the scheme and customers can then choose the homes for which they want to be considered. Where point based schemes are used they will be replaced with a banding system. Priority will still be given to those with a local connection. However 10% of properties will be made available to people to move across Local Authority areas.

Although it does not increase the number of homes available, the Cumbria Scheme provide a more transparent and accountable way of letting homes, and more importantly gives people more choice about where they would prefer to live.

To view the website of Cumbria Choice Based Lettings, click here.

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