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Wine £100!  How do you communicate with us?

We are conducting a communication survey, which will help us develop how we talk to our tenants in the future.  To help us, please click on the survey here – you could win £100!

People are the heart of the community

EHA recognises that we are all part of the wider community and we believe we have an important role to play in helping to build and maintain safe, happy and neighbourly.

Perhaps you have an idea for something that would make a difference to your community? If you think we can help you, then please get in touch by clicking [email protected] or calling 01768 861400.

Why get involved?

EHA tenants and residents are in the best position to tell us which services work well and how we can improve them.  Involving our residents helps us to ensure that we are continuously improving the issues that matter to you!
Involving residents is all about:

  • Giving you a say in how we deliver our services
  • Involving you in the decisions that affect you and your neighbourhood
  • Involving you to make sure that the services we provide are efficient, effective, provide value for money and meet the needs of all our residents

How much time will it take?

We want to offer you as many different ways as possible to get involved, we want to give you the opportunity to become involved as much or as little as you like.  The time it takes depends on the type of activities that interest you and how much influence you would like over the services we provide.
To find out more contact us at [email protected]

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