Cumbria Choice (CBL)

Cumbria Choice (CBL) is operated through a website on the internet  However, the scheme can be used quite well without going onto the website.

There are advantages from using the web based system:

  • You can complete your form on-line
  • You can tell us about changes in your circumstances on-line
  • You can look at all the properties on-line
  • You can ask the system to list just the properties you are able to bid for
  • You can bid for vacant properties on line
  • You can see where you are on the shortlist
  • You can decide to remove a bid and place a bid on another property
  • It is quicker and easier on-line and there is more information available to you about other housing options
What does one scheme for Cumbria mean?
How will properties be advertised?
Are all properties included?
Can I get help to understand the scheme?
What happens if I do not have a computer?
What are Bands and how will I know what Band I am in?
What if I am in the same Band as someone else, how will you decide who gets the property?
What is ‘Bidding’?
How will I know if I have been successful?
Will local housing go to people from all over Cumbria?
The Website
I have lost my log in details/locked my account on CBL
How do I get a Housing Association house?
How do I pay my rent?
Do I have the right to buy?

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