Homeswapper (Mutual Exchange Service)



Homeswapper is the UK’s largest community of social housing tenants looking for a House Swap/Mutual Exchange.  It’s a quick and easy way of finding both local and national moves with 500,000 social tenants currently already on HomeSwapper.  Eden Housing Association’s commitment to Homeswapper means that our tenants can sign up for the service free of charge!

A House Swap/Mutual Exchange is where one tenant agrees with another tenant to swap homes.  This means that the tenant ‘assigns’ their interest in a tenancy to another person.  The tenancy itself continues on the same basis, the tenancy does not end, neither does a new one start.  It is the tenant who changes.

Tenants of Eden Housing Association may swap/exchange with:

  • Other Eden Housing Association tenants
  • Tenants of Local Authorities
  • Tenants of other Registered Social Landlords
  • Tenants of Charitable Housing Trusts

But not with:

  • Tenants of private landlords

You need our written permission to exchange and there are certain circumstances where we may withhold that permission.  To find someone to exchange with, you can register at

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