Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse is one of the biggest issues in society today. The true scale of the problem is difficult to determine because a large proportion of domestic abuse goes un-reported.

As a Housing Provider, we are well placed to recognise the signs of domestic abuse. We take all reports of domestic abuse seriously and will work positively and pro-actively with the victim to offer support.

We will take a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse and will treat all reports with the utmost sensitivity. We will take a victim centered approach to cases with the aim of reducing risks posed to the victim and any affected household members.

We are committed to providing an effective response to domestic abuse by:

  • Dealing with all disclosures as a priority
  • Respecting the privacy of all victims and dealing with reports of domestic abuse in the strictest of confidence, unless we have a duty to disclose information
  • Taking all disclosures of domestic abuse seriously and taking a non-judgmental, victim centered approach
  • Putting victims in contact with specialist agencies who can offer advice and support
  • Assessing the victims housing needs and safeguarding security of tenure whenever possible
  • Taking action against perpetrators when appropriate and assisting those who wish to positively change their behaviour by helping them access support and assistance.

We recognise that the safety of the victim and their family is paramount, and we will do all we can to ensure that they are protected. In fulfilling this commitment, we will work with statutory agencies and key partners to manage risks posed to the victim and their household. Higher risk cases will be referred to the local Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

For further advice and assistance, please refer to the Useful Contacts document on the right hand side.

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