Extra Services

In addition to managing homes for affordable rent or sale, we can also help you with through other services:

Cumbria Law Centre – Cumbria Law Centre is a community organisation offering free legal advice and representation to people who live or work in the county. They prioritise those on the lowest incomes and focus on Housing, Debt, Employment and Welfare Benefit matters.

Garages – We have garages available to rent.  Please contact our Customer Service Team if you would like more information.

Home Contents Insurance – Many of our customers believe we insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage such as burst pipes – THIS IS NOT THE CASE. However we can help you arrange special household contents insurance.

Domestic Abuse Domestic Abuse is one of the biggest issues in society today. The true scale of the problem is difficult to determine because a large proportion of domestic abuse goes un-reported.  We can help.


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