Eden Housing Association resident celebrates 100th birthday

16th September 2015

There were two special events taking part in Eden last week, the most high profile was the Tour of Britain which travelled across Eden on Thursday 10th September. The second celebration was a quieter, but none the less significant affair for one resident of Brough and his family. Mr Robert Dent marked his 100th birthday at home with his family and friends.
Mr Dent is one of Eden Housing Association’s (EHA) oldest tenants and still lives independently in a bungalow that has been his home for over 25 years. Aware of the impending century milestone, the Association asked if they could pay a visit to mark the occasion.

John Clasper Managing Director at EHA wished Robert Dent a happy birthday, presenting him with a card featuring a vintage truck and books on vintage wagons – a subject that has been a passion for Mr Dent for decades. Commenting on his visit John Clasper said “It is an honour to be able to wish one of our tenants a happy 100th birthday in person, even rarer to be present when a card from the Queen arrives – special delivery, followed by a telegram from Ian Duncan Smith at the Department of Work and Pensions!
It’s also very gratifying to see that as a centenarian, Mr Dent is still being able to live independently in his own home. He is fiercely independent but knows he has the support of his family and our Eden Independent Living Service, when needed. We wish him continued health and good luck into his second century.”

Mr Dent celebrates his 100th birthday with Eden Housing Assocaition MD John Clasper

John Clasper MD at Eden Housing Association visited Mr Dent on his 100th birthday – congratulations.

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