Cold weather protection to your home

4th November 2019

Cold weather protection to your home

If you are considering going away this winter (even for a short period), please consider the following options to protect your home from frost & water damage:

  • Leave your heating on low/timed or frost guard facility (if available)
  • Turn off your cold water supply at the stop tap
  • Consider lagging any exposed external pipes (outside taps)
  • Consider turning off water supply to wash houses and external toilets
  • Please consider lagging external taps. Please report any vulnerable exposed water pipes or condensate pipes to our repairs team as below.
  • If you have a friend or neighbour who could keep an eye on your property and report any problems to Eden Housing Association on 01768 861400, freephone 0800 3581 401 or email [email protected].

Solid Fuel User? Attached is a Safety Guide – following these simple guidelines will ensure safe and efficient operation of your solid fuel appliance

Damp & Condensation?

Cumbria Action for Sustainability has provided a range of videos to help you if you are suffering from damp and condensation:

Tackling Damp and Condensation

Causes of Condensation

Reducing Condensation

Heating your home effectively


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