EHA Celebrates TPAS’ first ever Scrutiny Week

30th July 2020

To celebrate the launch of TPAS’s first ever Scrutiny Week, we are sharing some of our Scrutiny Panel’s achievements over the past 12 months.

Our Scrutiny Panel acts as the Association’s ‘critical friend’ – reviewing services and recommending improvements. This year, the Panel has reviewed general needs service charges, and the Association’s empty property process.

Service Charges – EHA spends £75,000+ every year on services like grass cutting, cleaning & lighting without the tenants who benefit paying anything towards the costs. (In assisted living schemes, all tenants pay towards these services).

After looking at financial information, case law, policies and visiting some affected sites, the Panel recommended service charges are brought in for all new applicable tenancies, to reduce financial losses. They also recommended we start our own ‘Caretaker’ Service. Board accepted all of the recommendations, and work is ongoing to put them in place.

Empty property processes – the Panel inspected two properties before and after repair work. They also reviewed policy documentation and carried out a survey of new tenants.

The Panel helped save around £100 on each empty property by recommending changes in how we do things. We now have a void officer who manages each empty property, and we work with a local painter and decorator to carry our more of our decoration works.

Due to Covid19, the Panel has paused their review of the Association’s procurement process, and will be carrying out shorter projects. We are now meeting using video calls, rather than our usual get together in the office, and all members have adjusted well to the changes!

We’re keen to work with more of our tenants so If you’d like to join and make changes to the way we do things, get in touch.

We now meet via video call rather than meetings at the office.

Contact Jenny on 01768 861400 or email [email protected] to find out more.






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